The VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, denounced today in the Senate the intention of the Motion presented by the Confederal Left in which they request the elaboration of an own agenda for the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum, while, he recalled, they do not present any measure to carry out a plan for the return of talent, of the Spanish who have had to emigrate.

"We want Spaniards to return, to return those who are earning a living abroad because they have had no choice but to do so, because unfortunately here they do not offer the same possibilities as in other neighboring countries," said the senator.

González-Robatto has been very critical of the current situation in Spanish things. «They do not want to be aware of the real migratory invasion that our coasts are experiencing. To date, illegal immigration in the Canary Islands has increased by 690% compared to last year, "he denounced, while warning that Spain" does not have the capacity to take on more immigrants. “Right now, Spain has about four million unemployed. And what is coming », he recalled.

No measure for poor Spanish children

He has also claimed aid for "27.4% of poor Spanish children, not a single measure", to whose neighborhoods, he reproached, they send "those illegal immigrants whom you so much adore," districts that "are suffering from this increasingly difficult situation, ruin and despair. Because they don't send Galapagar ”, he asserted.

And since they have little with that, in addition to their crazy budgets, the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda directed by Pablo Iglesias allocates 80 million euros to modernize the accommodation of 12,500 ores.

González-Robatto has asked the left to don't try to keep fooling the population because “people are already aware that many“ false refugees ”are coming, illegal economic immigrants who cross European borders. "The reality is that they are, for the most part, strong and healthy men, and with better motives than many have in the neighborhoods where they are sent." «In humble neighborhoods it is where they best know who arrives. Not you from your luxury homes with Civil Guard sentry boxes protecting the entrance ”, he pointed out.

The senator has asked the Confederal Left if they consider that Spain is in a position to welcome anyone, when, on a daily basis, they close “small bars that have been open all their lives, until the social-communist government has arrived; neighborhood bookstores; haberdashery ». «Haven't you seen the owner of a bus company cry because after 40 years he is going to have to close his business? They won't do anything for him. But we better open the doors for everyone to enter Spain, "he criticized.

Contracts at source

In this way, he explained that, under these conditions, it is impossible "to welcome anyone and maintain a minimum of care for citizens." On the contrary, he explained, "whoever comes to Spain to work, and not for pay, must do so in a regulated manner, with a contract in origin." Thus, “no one would be tricked into risking their lives at sea to come to a country where the only thing they can do is beg or commit crimes. And, in addition, they would leave the human trafficking mafias without a business. In this line, VOX has tabled its amendments to this motion.

In addition, he added that "should give priority – provided there is a possibility and a real need for them to come to our country – to the populations that have the best ability to adapt to our culture." Because, he warned, "otherwise look at what happened in Austria and France less than a month ago."

"Gentlemen, multiculturalism has failed," concluded the senator.

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