The VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, denounced today the deviation that the Government intends to make to obtain funds, "which do not correspond to it because they are from the autonomous communities to finance active employment policies."

"The workers' money is something that the PSOE like a lot, we have already seen the 680 million euros of Andalusian workers who used to finance their sprees," the senator denounced during the debate on the Motion by which the Government is urged to the Autonomous Communities the funds withdrawn destined to finance active employment policies

The senator has denounced that during the health crisis, the Government has not worked to reduce superfluous expenses, but that, due to their "inability and irresponsible management, they have worked to create mammoth structures, subsidies to related organizations and place advisers", at the same time that take money from the ccaas.

González-Robatto has regretted that, while the IMF predicts a drop for the European economy of 8.2%, in Spain, it increases it to 12.8%. "It is the empirical proof that their policies are useless," he pointed out, "because they do not generate employment and the few funds available to the ccaas they want to keep to finance their absurd policies."

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