"The formula that the Executive weighs to renew the CGPJ only wants to intimidate and pressure the PP so that they sit down to negotiate", Senator Jacobo González-Robatto has shown himself so resoundingly during the debate on the Motion by which the Senate declares the need to comply with the constitutional mandates and the cessation of the obstruction in the renewal of the Constitutional Court and the General Council of the Judiciary. For this reason, the senator has urged the PP to "oppose outright and begin to act as an opposition party."

The senator has asked the members of the Executive to remove their masks: “the Government threatens an institutional coup to control the CGPJ, lower the majority of three fifths in the Chambers to renew the members of the CGPJ, which means He has said "a subversive attack on the Constitution" and at the same time "is constitutionally unfeasible."

"The judges are the ones who calmly protected the institutions, not you who do not cease in their attempt to end the monarchy by spending a few more days in Moncloa", defended González-Robatto, who has denounced that the Government "continues in its endeavor to seek any support, however morally deplorable it may be, to stay at the head of a ship that is sinking with their policies.

«These judges and what they represent, Justice, has become the last defense of Democracy and you know it, for that reason, they veto the King in the delivery of offices to the new judges in Barcelona, ​​at the same time as his partners of Government shamelessly insult even with death threats in representations of the most vile pro-independence garbage, "the senator denounced.

Intent is unconstitutional

Likewise, González-Robatto has asked the socialist bench if, when they are in the opposition, they will continue to agree to lower the majority of three fifths in the Chambers to renew the members of the CGPJ. “This intention is unconstitutional, it threatens the freedom of the General Council of the Judiciary, and once they have put their former minister Dolores Delgado at the head of the Prosecutor's Office, with the approval of those who previously criticized her, gentlemen of Podemos, it seems to us a frontal attack and an institutional coup.

And that is their will, gentlemen of the Government, with their weakened majority, they cannot find another way to try to achieve their totalitarian goals, free the politicians who are guilty of the organization of the coup, hide the corruption of Podemos, to save Señor Simancas from declaring for the million euros that the PSOE received from Punica, attract ETA members to the prisons of the Basque country with the intention, I am afraid that in the short term, to free the murderers in exchange for selling Spain for budgets that they do not even have presented.

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