El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

It censors the attacks of Sánchez's partners against the judge and the media, and that they refuse to acknowledge that "they have a real problem with a real accusation"

It demands "coherence" from Iglesias and that the same yardstick that he demanded from the rest being in the opposition be applied: his resignation after the imputation of Podemos and part of his leadership.

He demands that the Prime Minister not hide and do not shy away from the questions: Do you feel comfortable or not with a vice president whose party has been indicted for crimes of corruption?

He points out that the Prime Minister "cannot dilute his responsibility" and warns him that with "his disturbing silence" he is linking his future to the judicial responsibilities that can be settled for the alleged commission of crimes related to corruption.

He emphasizes that the PP respects the presumption of innocence, "but we do not accept the double yardstick of Podemos when it sees the straw in someone else's eye." "We are not a Torquemada de Vallecas, but if Iglesias demanded his resignation by the mere imputation", he emphasizes, "that he keeps his word."

He denounces that Iglesias has refused to appear at the parliamentary headquarters to give explanations about the cases that corner him, and that he is hiding behind the table of the Council of Ministers: "If everything is laughable, why don't they go to the headquarters of national sovereignty and explain it?

He challenges Iglesias to show his face in the Cortes and respond: “Did you know about the alleged illegal financing in your party, the irregularities that your party was committing? If he knew them, he must give an account in court; if he did not know them, to quote his words, he is incompetent ".

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