Antonio González Terol atiende a los medios de comunicación


  1. Criticizes that the PSOE and United We can decide to attend separately a meeting that should be the symbol of the union of all to defend full equality between men and women.

  2. He asks Pedro Sánchez to "turn his face" for the lack of coordination of a government that "is at the brink" also in the management of the coronavirus crisis and reiterates that, in this matter, the PP will be next to the Executive but demanding " transparency and clarity ”.

  3. Remember that the GPP in Congress has demanded the draft Montero Law "to see the mistakes and inaccuracies it may have had before going through the hands of the social vice president of the Government."

  4. He affirms that the PP will ask the Basque Government for explanations, responsibilities and transparency through an NLP because a month after the collapse of the Zaldibar landfill, two workers are still missing.

  5. The vice-secretary of Territorial of the PP has held a meeting, together with the president of the PPC, Alejandro Fernández, with the presidents of the councils, councils and councils of the PP, on the occasion of the call of the FEMP in the Diputación de Barcelona to constitute the Commission of councils.

  6. It demands the money that the Government owes to the municipalities and deputations on account of the VAT of 2017 and bets on the fact that the FEMP “serves as a loudspeaker so that the citizens are given back what is theirs and that is essential for the maintenance of public services” .

  7. Ensures that the PP is the only party that has defended the role of the Provincials and values ​​their work as service coordinators that also "help us to face depopulation and the demographic challenge."

  8. He stressed that the PP will present motions in the municipalities and regional parliaments to defend the existence of the Provincial Councils and provide them with the necessary powers and budget.

  9. Announces that the PP will hold in the second half of this year the first interprovincial meeting where the 316 provincial deputies, junteros and councilors of island councils will meet.

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