El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

The Territorial Deputy Secretary warns that the Popular Party municipalities will not succumb to Sánchez's “blackmail”, and advances that “the savings of their neighbors will not enter the coffers of the General State Administration to finance the socialist roadmap of the Executive of coalition".

He denounces "the colonization" of the institutions by Sánchez by placing the former minister and candidate for PSOE deputy Dolores Delgado at the head of the State Attorney General's Office, "who applauded him over and over again."

He underlines that an alternative was presented in the FEMP to the seizure of the municipalities that Abel Caballero rejected, and that it happened because the consistories used their savings and the surplus to face the consequences of the Covid.

It denounces that the Government has approved “with agosticity and treachery” a Royal Decree-Law that imposes “de facto a corralito to the city councils by preventing them from spending the savings accumulated during the last years”, and calls to oppose all parties.

He censures Sánchez's double betrayal of municipalism: "He abandoned the local world during the fight against the pandemic and now he intends to appropriate the savings of local entities."

He assures that "the assault" on the municipalities to seize 15,000 million is "the third economic rescue" to which the Government goes.

Announces an appeal before the Constitutional Court and motions in all local entities against "a theft" that creates first and second city councils.

It presents the PP as a proactive party "denouncing loud and clear" the lies of a government "incapable and incompetent" to address the crisis of covid-19.

He regrets that, with Sánchez at the helm, "Spain is the country that is facing the second wave of the coronavirus worst due to the lack of a national strategy and the lack of coordination of the Executive."

He warns the chief executive that the pandemic "is neither faced nor solved while on vacation while Spain is sinking between the outbreaks and the economic crisis", with a government in "sitting arms".

He accuses Sánchez of being "unfair" with Spain for creating the most expensive government in democracy at the worst moment since the Transition, and reproaches him for "keeping quiet" in the face of all the scandals that corner his second vice president.

He urges the president to improve local financing: "He has been in government for two years and still has not done anything for the local world."

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