Holders of their statements:

  • Ask Pedro Sánchez to get to work and, if he doesn't know how to do it, he will leave and “leave the place to those of us who are already prepared with Pablo Casado at the head”.
  • Urges the acting Government, "which has not been running for 16 months", to apply the National Security Law in Catalonia, propose an agreement to the constitutionalists and break their government pacts with Torra, Junts, ERC or Puigdemont in 40 municipalities and the Diputación de Barcelona.
  • He says that it would be a good time for the Balearic Socialist Party to break with the radicals who are willing to support secessionism and with Podemos, “because we want Mr. Sánchez to sleep but it is possible, as of November 10, it would be of La Moncloa ”.
  • Bet on the abolition of the estate tax, inheritance and donations; that the IRPF is lowered below 40% and that of companies below 20% to generate employment and more income in the public administration and to maintain quality public services.
  • He affirms that Francina Armengol “takes Pedro Sánchez's dream away” because they have agreed with Podemos the Balearic Government while stressing that it is not understood ”that he wants nothing with Esquerra and JuntsxCat but rules on the islands with the party he has signed for the right of self-determination together with other independence parties in Catalonia.
  • After meeting with prison officials and representatives of the UGT and CSIF unions, remember that on September 2, the PP registered a proposed law to be recognized as a public authority

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