El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He points out that the PP will continue to demand political and judicial responsibilities for the Ábalos case and stresses that a court has already implemented the precautionary measures requested by his party so that Barajas's recordings are not destroyed.
  • It denounces that the breach of the European judicial resolutions is supposing the “thinning” of the relations with the partners with which Spain must agree the CAP and with the USA, with whom it is necessary to negotiate the tariffs.

  • He regrets that the Government insists on "opposing the opposition" in the control session of the Executive "instead of being in a reliable and stable party."

  • He affirms that the offer of support to the PGE of Pablo Casado to Pedro Sánchez happens because “the hand that rocks the cradle of the budgets is not in jail” nor held by the independence parties.

  • He insists on asking Sánchez to break the negotiating table “of shame” that makes regions such as Castilla-La Mancha worth less than Catalonia.

  • Remember that Pablo Casado met yesterday with the main unions of farmers and ranchers "unlike Vice President Iglesias, who recently called the Spaniards to demonstrate on the street and on Friday left the protesters on the street."

  • Criticizes that "during the twenty months of socialist government and now social-communist", agricultural income has fallen by 9% while recalling that during the PP governments, rose 40%.

  • He asks Sánchez to rethink his policy of raising taxes and describes the approval of the Google and Tobin fees as "error" that, far from creating employment, will destroy him. "

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