El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

  • He emphasizes that the entire PP is focused on "continuing to save lives, continue managing and dealing with the unreasonableness of an Executive who wants to agree on the PGE with Bildu or ERC and satisfy the pro-ETA"
  • "With those traveling companions, the crossing of messages that we will see in the coming weeks will have more to do with the territorial and the political, than with the economic or with what matters to citizens"
  • It rejects some public accounts in which a tax increase is proposed, because this would discourage hiring and the creation of companies
  • He considers it "shameful" that only 1% of applicants have received the IMV and that thousands of people still do not collect ERTE. "Not only is it worth being a good speaker, but you also have to be a good manager," says the popular leader, who criticizes the Executive is leaving the economy sheltered after some "grandiose statements"
  • It is congratulated that the seizure of savings from some municipalities “that have done their accounts well during these years” has been paralyzed, after the parliamentary defeat of the decree confiscating the surplus of the consistories
  • He assures that Sánchez is the "worst president of the Government in the history of democracy" and that his management is being "disastrous", as shown by the economic figures recorded by our country
  • It calls for deep structural reforms to support the industrial sector and support SMEs, "something that is outside the political agenda of this Government"
  • Censorship that the Executive removes the "wild card of Franco every time the economic figures or political news are not with them." "They only do it when they look desperate," he adds.
  • He praises the management of Díaz Ayuso during the pandemic, for anticipating the Government in decision-making, in the face of a "negligent" Executive, as shown in the centralized purchase of protection material

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