González Terol calls on the center-right to form a large electoral coalition that gives stability to Spain, defeats the left at the polls and get Pedro Sánchez to "rest peacefully in his political retirement"

It affects the generosity of the PP that is willing to give up important positions “in favor of Citizens, our preferred partner”, as Álvarez de Toledo or the PP has already offered in the FEMP, to unseat to the left of La Moncloa and recover the Heading from Spain.

Citizens have seen that the PP "has been able to agree on its left and right to try to form stable, reasonable, focused and moderate governments" and emphasizes that an electoral strategy of going separately would not be good for the center as a whole. right.

"Spain needs governments like those of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, which show that things can be done better, that public accounts can be turned around and our country can progress."

"The moves on the left do not worry us, we are concerned about the three million unemployed and the thousands of entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to start their businesses and that are increasingly difficult."

It puts in value the State Security Forces and Bodies that do a great job in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain and for which the PP has been asking for full salary equalization for years "which was advanced with the Government of Mariano Rajoy and now It is slowing down. ”

Remember that if Torra doubts the action of the judges, he does not know the separation of powers and that in his "deformed ideal republic, he would like the judiciary and the executive to be together." "If you do not want to be associated with violence, it is very easy: to condemn the actions of the CoR," he adds.

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