He affirms that the Popular Party is the party that best defends the interests of the Spaniards

  • He affirms that the Popular Party is the party that best defends the interests of the Spaniards, “we have always demonstrated that we have governed and we will show it again from November 10 with Pablo Casado in the presidency of the Government”
  • It emphasizes that the PP will win the next elections “if we municipalize the elections” and ask the popular councilors to give “a lesson to our political adversaries, sweeping the polls”
  • Call to unite the spirit of Spain Sum on the Popular Party ballot headed by Pablo Casado
  • Urges the Socialist Party to return to "common sense" and "break" the pact that it has with Esquerra and JuntsxCat in 40 municipalities and in the Diputación de Barcelona while betting because "we all join so that Catalonia becomes the what was it"
  • Ask Pedro Sánchez what else has to happen to apply the National Security Law on a reactive and preventive basis and announces that if the PP reaches the Government, it will apply the General Audiovisual Law and reinforce the educational inspection so that it cannot be indoctrinated against Spain in schools
  • He says that Xavi García Albiol and Manuel Reyes are the example of “two Spaniards born in Catalonia, proud of their history and their country and who do not want to feel foreigners in their land”
  • He believes that the Socialist Party "no longer recognizes itself" and criticizes the pact of the Socialists in Navarra with "the white mark of the PNV" and Bildu that has made "constitutionalism fly through the air" and that "the project of Navarra Sum don't see the light ”
  • Reiterates that the councilors of the PP are "the great asset and muscle of our party" and those who will take Pablo Casado to the Government of Spain
  • It highlights the work of the 20,336 councilors of the PP, the 2,851 popular mayors, 2,600 of them with an absolute majority and the 11 deputies presidents. "300 mayors more than the PSOE has throughout Spain and many more councilors than our competitors have left or right," remarks

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