Antonio González Terol en Breña Baja

Holders of his intervention:

  1. It contrasts the governments of the PP of “prosperity, dialogue and consensus, which work to improve the living conditions of the citizens”, in the Canarian administrations, with the Autonomous Socialist Government that has raised taxes.

  2. He affirms that "this is the Government of lies, as it has been shown with Delcygate, of wastefulness by increasing the number of senior officials by 40%, and that of the breaking of the separation of powers."

  3. The PP initiative stands out to support the tourism sector in the face of the coronavirus crisis. "We want the air transport rate not to start, that tourists know the soundness of health in Spain and that we work with our tourists over 65," he says.

  4. He denounces how harmful the Government of Spain is to the Canary Islands and asks him to attend the initiative of the PP so that a new rate is not created that serious air transport because it would be “critical” for the Canary Islands.

  5. Ensures that the PSOE charges labeled "bungling" the Sexual Freedom Law and the document on how companies should act before the coronavirus without knowledge of Health.

  6. Criticizes that the new educational law ends "with the requirement and excellence", by eliminating revalidation and affirms that with its suppression "the titles and public education are devalued".

  7. He considers that the Spanish language "is more in danger with this new educational law" by leaving the control of the vehicular language in the autonomous communities and calls for "a reinforcement of high inspection" to avoid "sectarian indoctrination."

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