El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

• The Territorial Deputy Secretary requires Pedro Sánchez and "Minister number 23" Dolores Delgado to give explanations for the alleged leaks of the Prosecutor's Office to Churches

• He assures us that we are facing a “very worrying scenario, with a commander at the helm and some ministers who have demonstrated their incapacity in the health crisis and some communist allies who are not the most diligent to reactivate the economy of a free and democratic country”

• "When a socialist talks about tax justice, reach into your pockets because they are going to fry us with taxes," he says.

• Reiterates that the PP from the Congress, the Senate, the institutions and their regional and local governments will work "day by day", as they have done in the health crisis, so that the economic figures can have a positive response

• Values ​​"the hope of the governments of the common sense of the PP" that will fight to apply their policies against those of the "radical government" of Pedro Sánchez

• Complaint that we still do not know the actual number of deaths from COVID, there is still no storage of masks and enough tests to face a possible regrowth and that there has been no response to the Cajal Plan of the PP so as not to depend on the outside in the purchase of health products and vaccines

• "We have a government that has little dialogue, allergic to self-criticism, addicted to propaganda and that only succeeds when it rectifies," he remarks

• Commitment to safe sanitary corridors, massive tests and sanitary passports to guarantee mobility and avoid total paralysis of the economy

• Remember that the Government has been the sole central command in managing the pandemic, but has decided to criticize Díaz Ayuso's management and not be up to the task.

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