González Terol criticizes the seriousness of the PSOE negotiations that today will sit with Bildu, the heirs of ETA. "Pedro Sánchez's position is unacceptable," he says.

  • He stresses that Sanchez has already shown that "Podemos is your preferred partner and ERC your necessary crutch" and reiterates that "the PP in that, will not be"
  • “Sanchez's model is Navarra's model, where Chivite has to govern with ETA's successors. I prefer a government of freedom ”
  • Stresses that Sanchez has spoken today with Urkullu, the PNV that today faces the sentence of the biggest corruption case in the Basque Country
  • Regrets that the Socialist Party of No means no say that the PP is the party of the blockade, when Sanchez took us to an election for an electoral calculation and justifying that he could not sleep with Podemos in the Government
  • “If Pedro Sánchez needs us, we will be able to reach agreements on state policies, but not policies to please the communists”
  • Denounces the use of the Ministry of Finance to oppose the Government of Juanma Moreno, which for the first time has lowered and abolished taxes
  • Criticizes that the PSOE again use the institutions at the service of his party and not in Spain and ensures that "it is a laugh" that Minister Montero, the counselor who approved the budget of Andalusia 2018, now wants to intervene their accounts

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