Interview holders:

  • Rate the CIS survey published yesterday as "high pastry" and "alibi" to justify the possible call for elections
  • He criticizes that Sánchez and the PSOE "made oppositions" to not get neither the abstention of the PP nor the support of Podemos in the investiture debate
  • He explains that "it is not a good declaration of intent" to request the abstention of the PP that Chivite governs in Navarra with the abstention of Bildu
  • He reiterates that the PP is not going to abstain for Sanchez to govern who he defines as “the expert in the is not no”
  • It claims the great territorial implantation of the PP and affirms that after the general elections the map was one and after the municipal and regional ones it has been redrawn and the PP has recovered important cities such as Madrid and Zaragoza
  • Regarding the Government agreement in the Community of Madrid, he emphasizes that "the negotiations are on track"

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