“Now Spain Suma is Pablo Casado with the PP ballot, with the spirit of uniting all citizens who need common sense governments”

He notes that in the Popular Party "we went out to win the game and to get at least one deputy more than the PSOE"

Denounces that Aragon is a region with a “fiscal winter” that maintains taxes such as inheritance, donations, property transfers and documented legal acts

He advocates the elimination of these taxes, as well as reducing personal income tax below 40% and Companies below 20%, so that regions such as Aragon can attract companies and face the demographic challenge

He emphasizes that “if someone in Teruel wants municipalities to count on political decisions, they have to bet on the PP, which carries municipalism and the demographic challenge in its DNA”

Highlights the figure of Jorge Azcón as mayor of Zaragoza, and stresses that the PP has recovered the Mayor's Office of this municipality "from the claws of populism"

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