El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol


  1. "This government is addicted to propaganda, but allergic to self-criticism, and the Prime Minister should admit more frequently that he has been wrong about many things."

  2. He stresses that there has been an agreement to do everything in parliamentary headquarters, "there was no point in going behind closed doors and only with his investiture partners." "It has become a commission in the light of the whole world, rather than a fix among a few," he added.

  3. He affirms that the PP is not going to pressure Sánchez with territorial pacts, independence ideas, or accelerate the pardons, but is going to ask him to bring sanitary and economic experts to appear in the commission and to take effective measures “to avoid 8 points less in the GDP growth and try not to reach an unemployment rate of 21% ”.

  4. He does not trust Pedro Sánchez to fulfill his agreement yesterday, because he is an expert in dismissing himself, "saying one thing and the opposite."

  5. He insists that the PP will put in clear conditions to support the extension of the state of alarm, because the loyalty of the PP requires minimal effectiveness on issues such as the distribution of material; carrying out massive tests so that workers can safely go out into the street; an audit on the actual number of deceased or when financial aid begins to arrive to those affected by ERTE.

  6. It demands that liquidity reaches SMEs and the self-employed now, extra pay for health professionals or gross salary for essential personnel. "We want a commitment that what he has been promising for a month and a half will be fulfilled at once, because Spain cannot wait."

  7. Regarding the statements of General Santiago, he defends the work of the Civil Guard and recalls that the PP has requested the appearance of the Minister of the Interior, the Secretary of State and the director of the Civil Guard. "We are going to ask in parliamentary headquarters for all the explanations of this lapse, lapse of the truth or of the lie, because it is very unfortunate and extremely serious.

  8. He regrets that the government does not show his face, that the president hides behind some technicians and the "hello president on Saturdays" and that the new government spokesman is Fernando Simón, who is the one who decides who speaks and who does not. "The government has to be less addicted to propaganda and more to face the citizens and the media."

  9. It requires that the minutes of the technical committees be made public, on the basis of which it has taken decisions, such as waiting until March 9 to declare a state of alarm or postpone decisions to close schools or universities, which had already been decreed in communities like Madrid or Murcia.

  10. Finally, it has once again demanded national mourning throughout Spain, as is already done in the institutions where the PP governs and even some of another symbol. "It is a matter of solidarity with the more than 20,000 victims, not a photo, it is a government installed in propaganda," he lamented.

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