El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

Achecha the results of PSOE and Podemos during the day yesterday to the lack of dialogue and consensus, and their "mismanagement of the health crisis"

He assures that the fourth absolute majority of the PP in Galicia “rewards brilliant management, the dedication of Alberto Núñez Feijóo to the Galicians, to the PP's political project, to the fulfillment of his program during these years and to his fidelity to the principles and values ​​of his match". "The PP comes out reinforced," he adds.
"The result in Galicia is the prelude to the presidency of the Government for Pablo Casado", indicates the Deputy Secretary of Territorial of the PP.

He states that Feijóo is an example of having managed with "common sense, consensus and dialogue", such as "the presidents of the CCAA of the PP, the 2,850 mayors, 13 of them in provincial capitals, and the presidents of 13 provincial councils" .

He regrets that, thanks to the fact that Sánchez and Iglesias have turned the radical independentistas into interlocutors, there has been a significant growth in nationalism and independence, which will occupy 70% of the Basque Parliament. "That is not good news."

He places Carlos Iturgaiz as a “clear example of political struggle” and ensures that “constitutionalism will have a firm voice” in the Basque Country with the PP + Cs coalition.

He maintains that the "tone" of the PP has always been the same and has allowed "building great governments" to "try to improve the lives of citizens.

Remember that there are state and regional regulations that allow confinement and that constitute a legal alternative to the "constitutional exception" of the state of alarm.

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