Antonio González Terol, durante la Interparlamentaria del PP de Canarias

Holders of his intervention:

  • It demands that the government "take out the hands of the education of our children" and remember that "we have the constitutional right to morally and religiously educate our children as we wish."
  • He regrets that “the Government sends requirements when parents exercise their freedoms” recognized by the Constitution and crosses their arms when faced with “indoctrination in classrooms in Catalonia”.
  • He affirms that we have the “most numerous Executive in Europe” and considers that “it is not the government to fight against unemployment and the potential economic crisis, but probably to get into it”.
  • It asks the Government “a harmonization of downward taxes” in Spain as the autonomous governments of Madrid or Andalusia are doing.
  • He requests the "immediate" celebration of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council, "which has not been meeting for more than 18 months and there is no precedent in democracy for such a long delay."
  • He accuses Sánchez of "politicizing justice" by appointing Dolores Delgado as the State Attorney General and recalls that "she has been a minister disapproved three times by parliament, candidate of the PSOE by Madrid, holding political rallies where she has demonstrated her lack of independence "
  • He proposes to “regulate the organic statute of the fiscal ministry” and “depoliticize” the election of the members of the CGPJ.
  • He affirms that "Andalusia is writing color pages and not black and white pages such as the 36 years of socialist governments" and stresses that with Juanma Moreno "taxes are lowered, rigor, austerity prevails and they no longer hide waiting lists and strives to reduce them. ”
  • He considers that "in the face of the Canarian Minister's silence, the PP will continue to fight for compliance with the economic and fiscal regime, as well as the agreements reached in the PGE in 2017 and 2018 to achieve the full development of the autonomy statute".

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