Headlines of your interview at Onda Madrid:

  1. He assures that the PP offered Vox “a reasonable pact” so that the entire right center was at the Mesa but Vox did not support it and got the deputy Pisarello of United Podemos, which tore the flags of Spain in Catalonia, is at the Mesa of Congress, with the help of the PSOE ”.
  2. He reiterates that no one understands that parties that presume to prevent the coup plotters from being in the governments, in allusion to Vox, facilitate that the extreme left as United We can have 3 members in the Mesa, one more than their share.
  3. "The pressure is on Pedro Sánchez, not the Popular Party." "We want Sánchez to return to Constitutionalism, common sense and break with the communists and not continue with ERC."
  4. He trusts that what was experienced yesterday in the Congress of Deputies is not "the advance, nor the general tone of this Legislature, whatever lasts."
  5. “The political declaration of the PSC, with Mr. Iceta in the lead, recognizes Catalonia as a nation. It seems that Sanchez's movements are in the line of forming a government only with United We can and with ERC ”.
  6. “Iceta made a statement in the sense that ERC, Puigdemont and Torra want and this is one more movement,” says Terol, while affirming that “we are talking about politicians strongly condemned, by sedition, by the TS”. "Wanting to bleach this by saying that there is a political conflict here I think it is to dirty the Spanish Constitution."
  7. "Sanchez is doing exactly what he wants to do" and remembers that he has not yet called the leader of the opposition and has in the arms of United Podemos and ERC "constantly flirting."
  8. "We believe that citizens voted for us to take care of what they are concerned about, such as the tax increase or employment that we knew yesterday that there are 25,525 more unemployed."

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