El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

It influences the “undeniable legacy of Juan Carlos I as the architect of the Transition that made Spain one of the most stable modern democracies in the world”, as well as his work in the last 40 years at the head of the Head of State

He highlights the “exemplary work” that Felipe VI has been developing for six years.

He reminds Pedro Sánchez that he is the president of a Government within a parliamentary monarchy and demands that he “rebuke and rectify the words of his social and communist vice-president today” for his attitude and the attack on the monarchical institution “that is today full form ”.

Complaint that the FEMP yesterday approved the proposal of the Treasury on the surplus of the municipalities for the quality vote of Abel Caballero, with the only vote in favor of the PSOE, against PP, Cs, Junts and abstention IU-Podemos. "Whoever twitches, does not dialogue and breaks the 40-year consensus is the Pedro Sánchez Socialist Party and its representative in the Federation," he said.

He regrets that Caballero, who until two months ago defended the interests of the municipalities, preferred yesterday to defend those of the Government.

Explains that the Executive intends that the municipalities deliver 15,000 million euros, letting them spend 5,000 on bicycles and electric vehicles and the Government's mobility plans, abandoning the SMEs and families that have suffered the most from the COVID crisis.

"Pedro Sánchez and Abel Caballero yesterday expropriated the savings of the citizens making the first economic corralito of Spain of the public savings", criticizes.

He assures that "the Government, for the first time, finances itself from local entities and not the other way around" and recalls that with the Rajoy Government two payment plans were launched to suppliers to give liquidity to local entities.

Announces a "great parliamentary offensive by the PP" to defend the interests of all municipalities and deputations of any political sign that the government "has abandoned."

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