El vicesecretario de Territorial del PP, Antonio González Terol, interviene en una reunión con alcaldes del PP en Murcia

Announces that the PP will present an appeal to the Constitutional Court for invasion of local autonomy, demands the appearance of the Minister of Finance and ensures that his party will present motions in all municipalities and councils against this measure

He warns that yesterday's agreement between Sánchez and Caballero "supposes a playpen to the public savings of citizens and that it may be the introduction to a playpen of their private savings."

He criticizes that the Government "lies again when it says that the worst of the crisis has passed" and highlights that today we have known the "worst year-on-year data on job creation since July 2009".

He regrets that "appropriation, confiscation or theft would be three good synonyms" of what happened yesterday at the FEMP and accuses Abel Caballero and the Sánchez government of betraying municipalism and Spain.

He warns that the agreement signed between Sánchez and Caballero does not respond to the needs of economic reactivation of local entities and contributes to depopulation because it excludes the rural world.

He explains that the agreement only helps municipalities that have remnants and stresses that the more than 3,000 who have deficits are left "in the lurch". "With this, first and second councils are created and leave local entities without a financial buffer," he points out.

The paradox stands out that for the first time the municipalities will finance the State and not the other way around, as happened with the Mariano Rajoy governments that approved two supplier payment plans.

He attributes Spain's poor economic data to the "unbridled" public spending of the largest EU executive with more than 732 senior officials.

"Today more than ever, from the PP we call for unity around King Felipe VI, the parliamentary monarchy and support for the Constitution as a guarantee of equality for the Spanish," he says.

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