Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He points out that "the first point of the electoral program" of Sanchez is the unlocking of the regional funds, "now that we are going to elections", after denying those payments for two months "drowning" with it communities and municipalities.
  • "The State Advocacy report does not matter here, what matters is that, once Sanchez, due to his failure, has led us to elections, the 4.5 billion can already be unlocked," he criticizes.

  • Remember that the PP insisted that the unlocking of funding was possible because "legally there were loopholes", such as "emergency" legislation from Congress or grant loans to communities and municipalities at zero interest.

  • "As we are going to elections now, now, whatever the State Advocacy says, Minister Montero says that there is a legal loophole, that the Advocacy could not see it in her extensive report."

  • Advances that the PP "will have to investigate" if the Treasury has incurred in any criminal irregularity after preparing a report "to measure" to justify the blockade of the funds alleging "that they were in operation."

  • He accuses Sánchez of using "all state institutions" to stage the need for elections that "he craved and hid", using the CIS of Tezanos and RTVE as "speaker."

  • “We have the best candidate, program and team to present ourselves to the elections. The failure, premeditation and use of institutions by Sánchez have led us to elections. ”

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