Antonio González Terol clausura la XXV Intermunicipal del PP

• “This Government does not face this pandemic neither with the best equipment nor in the best economic conditions. Spain is going to have a very hard time because of its incompetence and irresponsibility, "he says.

• Warns the Executive that "if you do not know, do not want to or cannot solve this health and economic crisis, step aside and the PP will once again fix this mess for the third time in the history of this country"

• Criticizes the movie "Montero contra Illa" of the "drama genre" that the ministers starred yesterday on the exit measures for children; and that of "Montero contra Iglesias" of the "suspense genre", for the minimum vital income

• Complaint that the Executive has abandoned the Autonomous Communities and local entities, "which have been the first administrations to adopt measures to contain the coronavirus and to support the most vulnerable population"

• He assures that Sánchez "is lacking the truth" when he announces an injection of € 14,000 million in the Autonomous Communities: they do not entail any additional financing and come from the autonomous financing system that has nothing to do with COVID-19

• Qualifies as “hoax and insufficient funds” the € 625 M that the Government has made available to the Autonomous Communities because, not only have they not received it, but they represent an investment of 13.29 euros per Spanish

• He affirms that if we compare that figure with the investments of the Autonomous Communities, “the figure is even more ridiculous” and recalls that the CAM calculates an increase in health spending of € 1,000 million and in the other items, above 350 € m

• The fact that the amount of aid to local entities to alleviate the pandemic amounts to "the chilling figure of 0 euros". "Zero euros for administrations that are being the first line of battle in this crisis," he says.

• Criticizes that allowing local entities to spend 20% of the 2019 surplus is a “cheat and insufficient” amount that does not imply additional financing because it comes from their savings and, furthermore, it will not allow them to face the health crisis and economic

• Remarks that only the Madrid City Council has approved tax credits worth € 63 million, allocated € 15 million in guarantees for the self-employed and entrepreneurs and € 1.7 million for merchants

• Ensures that the Government "lives installed in propaganda and advertisements, but lacking content" and denounces that, in the midst of a crisis, it grants € 15 million in aid to DTT operators and € 100 million for an Institutional Advertising plan

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