Headlines of your interview at RNE Mornings:

· Stresses that the Government of the Community of Madrid, with Isabel Díaz Ayuso in front, will be a "good example of the policies that the PP wants to develop", based on "common sense", lower taxes and educational freedom

· Denounces the discrimination of the Government of the PSOE to the Community of Madrid in terms of financing and ensures that yesterday "we won those who want to lower taxes and lost those who want to put them on the highways." "That the socialists, accustomed to raising taxes, say that we must discriminate against the Autonomous Communities that lower them is something that is in their DNA," he adds

· He assures that the Popular Party "will always be the common house of the right center", which has shown "achieving governments where certain political parties were not spoken." "We are going to do everything possible to add constitutionalists and prevent the left from governing wherever possible," he adds.

· He urges the Executive to "get to work, because he has lost a year" and reminds him that "Spain, in fiscal or labor policy, needs a government." “Pedro Sánchez can't let the days go by from Doñana”

· He regrets that in Navarra the PSOE has reached the Government thanks to Bildu's abstention, “a red line that had never been overcome in democracy”

· He advocates “going hand in hand” of the European Commission on immigration and for developing a policy “fully agreed with our European partners, because we are the southern border of Europe”, while thanking the work of the Civil Guard, Maritime Rescue and National Police

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