Antonio González Terol y Mª Ángeles Armisen, en rueda de prensa desde Palencia

Holders of their statements before the media:

  1. He affirms that “the Executive has renounced the authentic dialogue table with Pablo Casado”, who has offered to negotiate the PGE and 11 state pacts if he leaves Pedralbes's road map and breaks with his Esquerra partners.
  2. "The Minister of Health should not be talking today with those who spread the virus of independence but fighting against the coronavirus with responsibility and seriousness," he says.

  3. Announces that the PP will appeal to the TC the appointment of Dolores Delgado as FGE because "we question its impartiality."

  4. He calls for the union of the constitutionalists and values ​​the PP + Cs coalition in the Basque Country that "will have great results to face radical independence."

  5. He points out that in order to defend the CAP, it is necessary for the EU to consider us a valid interlocutor and comply with its resolutions such as the one that prohibits Delcy Rodríguez from entering Spain. "We will see if it is something of the Minister of Development as Sanchez said yesterday or if the instructions were given by the President of the Government of Spain," he says.

  6. Criticism that the Executive does not stop raising labor costs for farmers and announce tax increases such as Google and Tobin rates, which "will impact on our products and is not a good statement of intent."

  7. The PP claims from all local administrations the 752 million euros VAT that the Government owes to all municipalities and the 2.5 billion euros owed to the autonomous communities for the same concept, 142 of which are to the Junta de Castilla and Leon.

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