El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

• He affirms that "what the Government wants to do in the future may be a smokescreen". "We only know one title: Pacts of La Moncloa, with the exception that the consensus and the actors on the table are very different from the 1977"

• Criticizes the propaganda surrounding the Government's offer, "not for the one hundred million euros it has put into certain media", but because it does not break down the content

• It affects that, for the PP, the objective is that the help of the ERTES reaches the citizens, that the self-employed are relieved, that the masks reach our toilets and that they perform massive tests

• Terol questions the independence of RTVE for removing a false unionist from Podemos, inserting the statements of a former mayor of Carmena without identifying him and transferring false cuts in the public health of the Community of Madrid

• “There are unfair assertions and interviews that are being conducted from public television. It is sad to see how the black shirts that one day were used to criticize a government, today are in the dry cleaner ”

• Remember that "we have not yet received a call from the Government and eleven days have passed since the last conversation between Pablo Casado and Pedro Sánchez"

• He remarks that the “precedents are not good” and recalls that Lastra's insults to Casado have not been rectified by Sánchez. "It is obvious that relations between the two parties have been damaged. The Government talks about agreements, but dynamite the bridges to be able to achieve them ”, he affirms

• "The Government has proven to be ineffective and inefficient, it wants to talk about the future, but it does not attend to the problems of the present", he assures

• Highlights the loyalty of the PP that has supported Royal Decrees, "even the economic ones that seemed insufficient to us", in exchange for only minimal effectiveness and efficiency

• About the PGE, criticizes that they are already agreed with Podemos and the rest of the government's partners so that they are a swallow for the PP. "For the increase in public spending and the rise in taxes, they will not find us," he says.

• He publicly acknowledges the health workers who are fighting "without the necessary means because the government has not given them" and recalls that in hospitals we have a contagion rate of 15.5%

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