Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He says that "the CIS has become the center of socialist research" and that "it no longer cooks, but high pastry." “Believing what a media outlet no longer says begins to be a joke. Tezanos has fallen for the use of public money to carry out a socialist electoral campaign. ”
  • He asks Pedro Sánchez to try to return to constitutionalism, to put order in Catalonia and reminds him that his function is not to win elections but to "enforce law and order in every corner of Spain."
  • "We want to dump 16 billion euros in the productive economy so that the Spaniards have more money in their pocket, can consume and invest more and the GDP grows, but not artificially as it does with the PSOE."
  • It emphasizes the commitment of the PP for the suppression of the tax of inheritance, inheritance and donations in addition to reducing the tax of societies below 20% and the IRPF, below 40%.
  • He affirms that the PP can win the next 10N elections and get at least one more seat than the Socialist Party so that Spain has a government.
  • He advocates a 2030 plan that leads to the digitalization of the whole of Spanish society and because the transformation of future jobs is accompanied by an improvement in university education, VET, public, concerted and private education.
  • It puts in value the policy of R + D + i of the PP, that not only wants to take with the plan 300% the fiber optic network and high speed internet to the most dispersed populations, but that the technology “is in the life of citizens ”to streamline and facilitate the transmission of data.

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