• González Terol announces that the PP will make a firm opposition and will be “the trench to curb communist and far-left policies”
  • He describes as the "hug of shame" the pact between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, remember that the socialist leader decided not to answer the call of Pablo Casado and that the socialist leader said he would never agree with populism
  • He points out that the “freedom” governments of Madrid, Andalusia, Murcia or Castilla y León will be the antithesis of a government of extreme left
  • He criticizes that Sánchez has spent 200 million euros of all Spaniards to lose 800,000 votes, 3 seats in Congress and an absolute majority in the Senate
  • It affects the PP continues to put on the table the eleven state pacts “that our country needs” and that Pablo Casado proposed last April
  • Bet on the stability of the PP-Cs Governments because they are two serious parties that “will live up to the circumstances”

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