González Terol demands that the director of the Lledoners jail not allow Junqueras to give a videoconference rally for the ERC congress this weekend "prostituting the General Penitentiary Law" and warns that his party will be "very attentive to denounce how many actions understand that they may violate the Criminal Code ”

  • He points out that the PP will also monitor that the rights of the convicted are not exceeded, distinctions are created or there is arbitrariness
  • Ensures that his training will try to make Puigdemont available to Spanish justice and reiterates the commitment of the PP to modify the euroorder so that fugitives investigated for sedition or rebellion are delivered, as well as that the crime of improper rebellion is again in our Criminal Code
  • Ensures that the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU does not change the condition of convicted for sedition and embezzlement of Junqueras
  • "It is a procedural issue between two courts, the interpretation remains for them but what is not modified is the underlying issue: there were a number of politicians who embezzled and used the institutions to try to break this country and justice acted"
  • Remember that the ERC leader was convicted after a “long and guarantee process, in which all the extremes of legality were respected” “for a coup d'etat and not for a political conflict as some want to launder”
  • He explains that this ruling does not imply a blow for the Spanish justice, since it was this that raised the consultation from the Supreme Court on the condition or not of volume that Junqueras could have
  • He claims that the fact that one wins the status of MEP does not exempt him from the crime he has previously committed. "Does anyone doubt the facts proven by a crime of sedition and embezzlement for attempting a coup d'etat to our Constitution?"
  • Stresses that the PP will act in the community institutions to ensure that Junqueras fulfills all his sentence
  • Criticizes that Calvo tried yesterday to "bleach" the sentence saying that the negotiation is not considered broken and regrets that the PSOE "does not want any constitutional agreement"
  • "There is no intention of the PSOE to do anything other than put a communist vice president in the Government and agree to the breakup of Spain with ERC"
  • He emphasizes that if the PSOE wants the Constitution to be applied, it has the PP, because “it is a state party” and reminds him that he has offered Sánchez up to eleven State pacts

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