El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

  • He explains that the party has taken another step in the Basque Country to regroup all the forces that “bet on the unity of Spain and the Constitution in an integrating project with generosity and high sights”
  • “With the coalition“ PP + Cs ”we join forces in favor of constitutionalism with a project for the future of all Basques; We join forces to effectively face the threat of nationalism and independence against the constitutional order ”
  • Its objective is “the union of the constitutionalist space in the Basque Country, the strengthening of unity, equality and freedom, as well as the defense of the constitutional framework, as the maximum expression of coexistence and union of all Spaniards”
  • Ask the "Government to stop hitting Spain that wants to work and prosper and stop making concessions to the enemies of freedom and our nation"
  • Explain that Government concessions to separatists will never content a separatism that will always charge the "revolutionary tax" in one way or another.
  • He argues that the decision to transfer Social Security management to the Basque Country once again tramples on the equality of Spaniards and further endangers the future of pensions that can only be guaranteed through the Social Security single box
  • He denounces that Pedro Sánchez wants an “anorexic state to continue feeding separatist dreams”
  • Regrets that Sánchez threatens Madrid and Andalusia with tax increases, agrees the transfer of traffic competences to Navarre by mandate of the PNV, convene the “table of shame and transfer” after having set the date the disabled Torra or want to modify the Criminal Code to benefit those convicted by the procès
  • It implies that “money is not created by laws or ideologies, it is created by workers who, day by day, get up early to give their best, it is not about redistributing poverty among all, but rather about generating wealth for all ”
  • Stresses how “there where there is Spain, there is Popular Party. Moreover, where there is a Spaniard, there is also the Popular Party, ”as the daily“ 20,336 councilors and 2,851 mayors of the Popular Party throughout Spain show ”
  • He regrets the treatment given to farmers and considers that “instead of giving platon to agricultural associations they should listen to them and treat them with respect”. "At least with the same respect that gives separatists and heirs of ETA" notes
  • Announces that we will present motions in all the City Councils to urge the Ministry of Finance to “return the money owed to the municipalities and articulate the necessary tools to avoid the same with future settlements”

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