Seville, July 28, 2020. The deputy spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group at the Seville City Council, Gonzalo García from Polavieja, stated this Tuesday, in the extraordinary plenary session on Covid-19, that «In the midst of a pandemic, VOX was distributing masks when there were none, medical supplies and food when Swords was not ».

García de Polavieja has beaten to the socialist mayor of Seville who, surprisingly, has reproached the Municipal Group VOX in the Seville City Council "for having closed the municipal group and secluded himself at home". In the face of such nonsense by Swords, the VOX deputy spokesman recalled that "the two VOX councilors and the team of advisers retired on March 10 for medical indications, after having attended the VOX assembly in Vistalegre where our secretary general, Javier Ortega Smith, was one of the first public positives ».

"Are you saying that we should have skipped medical indications? Are you saying that we should have skipped the demands of the authorities in a state of alarm? "Gonzalo García de Polavieja has snapped before a blurred mayor before his falsehoods.

In this regard, the VOX deputy spokesman has continued his monumental review of Mayor Juan Espadas reminding him that "From the first minute of the confinement we were teleworking with a large group of volunteers distributing masks when there were none, medical supplies and food" making reference to the campaign developed from the first day to respond to health and emergency personnel in the absence of a response from the Government and the City of Seville.

"We were close to people when you were not there, so you did not know what we were doing in VOX", Gonzalo García de Polavieja has snapped at the mayor of Seville, visibly embarrassed.

The deputy spokesman of the Municipal Group of VOX has asserted that «when you had to portray yourself is today not in the acts of propaganda that you have summoned and to which we have not joined. VOX has been no less than the others, but has not entered its self-flaming game, "announced the favorable vote of the municipal group VOX to the opinion of the commission for the social and economic reactivation of Seville, which has surprised the rest of unusual groups to that a political group puts the interests of the Sevillians before the marketing policy, common denominator in the rest of political groups with municipal representation.

García de Polavieja has reproached Espadas «not having relieved the Sevillians with a tax cut and reducing unnecessary spending, while, also, he has had words for Adelante Sevilla, the branch of Podemos in the Seville City Council, to which he has recalled an unfortunate tweet published and subsequently deleted from the official account of the town council's podemitas and that said textually "never like until Now there have been so many reasons to establish a sanitary cordon to the extreme right in Seville, beware of that TOX ”, with a photograph of Ortega Smith, of the first public positives for coronavirus. In this regard, the VOX deputy spokesman regretted that Adelante Sevilla «They have not yet asked for forgiveness.

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