Specifically, it will increase, from 50% to 55%, the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) of subsidies for the maintenance of jobs with severe disabilities in the Special Employment Centers. These grants link their amount to the SMI at all times; so they are affected by the increase in the minimum interprofessional salary to 900 euros for 2019. This additional contribution, of an extraordinary nature, has been approved only for 2019.

Annual Employment Policy Plan 2020

Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social SecurityIn addition, the Annual Employment Policy Plan (PAPE) for 2020, which is the instrument for programming and coordination of services and active employment and labor intermediation policy programs and programs to be developed for consultative purposes the whole of the Public Employment Services. The plan contains the activation policies for employment that are planned to be executed both in the autonomous communities and in the State Public Employment Service, in their respective areas of competence, based on a previous diagnosis based on the needs and results obtained.

The 2020 Plan takes into account some of the measures introduced by the "Plan of shock for young employment 2019-2021"as well as by the "Reincorpora-T Plan", three-year plan to prevent and reduce long-term unemployment ", corresponding to employment activation policies.

In addition, this year there will be companies for job prospecting tasks and as a novelty it has been reported that, by 2020, the PAPE will have a Dashboard that will allow monitoring and evaluation, in real time, of the state of the objectives.

The final Plan will be submitted for approval early next year.

Youth Employment Shock Plan and Reincorpora-T Plan

At present, a series of activities for the promotion, implementation and monitoring of both Plans are being developed, such as: presentation of progress in the Executive Committee of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE); constitution of the Commissions of Monitoring of the Plans; Network formation with informants who are not part of the SNE; development of a Plan Monitoring Protocol; as well as collection and analysis of information provided by the Public Employment Services.

In addition, a measure included in the Youth Employment Shock Plan for the hiring of 110 youth mediators through the Youth Institute (INJUVE) , whose purpose is to attend and facilitate the accessibility of young people to the services and programs offered.

Professional Certificates

Also presented to this Sector Conference are 163 Professional Certificates that have been updated or modified. Professional certificates are the accreditation instrument in the workplace whose selection and publication has been recognized as an inspiring practice in the European Network of Public Employment Services of the European Commission.

Training Plan on awareness and specialization in the treatment of women victims of gender violence

The Conference has also reported on the development of the Training Plan on awareness and specialization in the treatment of women victims of gender violence, which aims to encourage public administrations to ensure better care for women victims of gender violence, as well how to improve and standardize the mechanisms and procedures so that the right to confidentiality can be exercised without negative consequences in the search for employment or access to offers. The plan will be ready to be delivered during the year 2020.

In addition, at the meeting, the status of the Network of National Reference Centers has been reported; of the process of extension of the training and application for the accreditation of the Teleformation entities; of the Working Groups of the General Council of Vocational Training; of the advances in the Methodology Process of Detection of Training Needs; as well as the Training Calls for Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining.

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