The main point of the day has been the agreement to distribute funds to the autonomous communities for strategies to improve the SNS Information Systems in the year 2019.

In total, 2,006,950 euros will be distributed for three objectives: to develop in all its dimensions the SNS Primary Care Clinical Database; consolidate the new Specialized Care Activity Record; and strengthen the implementation of the new classification of diseases and ICD 10 ES procedures.

50% of the funds will be distributed linearly, applying a minimum amount to each autonomous community (except the Basque Country and Navarra) and to the INGESA (Ceuta and melilla). The distribution of the remaining 50% will be carried out by population criteria, according to the figures of the Municipal Register published in Royal Decree 1039/2018, of December 15.

In addition, the Ministry and Autonomous Communities have agreed to include the rotavirus vaccine for premature infants in the Common Lifetime Vaccination Calendar. The decision had already been taken within the Public Health Commission on November 14.

The indication is to vaccinate premature babies born between weeks 25-27 and 32 of pregnancy against rotavirus. The vaccine will be given from the sixth week of birth.

Likewise, several autonomous communities have requested that the exhibition "Del SiDa NoDa to #SiemprePreservativo, Three decades against HIV and AIDS" become an itinerant exhibition.

The sample is currently exposed in the National Museum of Decorative Arts and will remain open to the public until January 19.

This is the first exhibition organized by the Ministry and collects the announcements and posters made over 30 years to make the HIV epidemic visible, prevent and raise awareness.

Finally, the Government and Autonomous Communities have agreed on the appointment of Carlos Lázaro González as a member of the Advisory Committee for the orthopedic provision, at the proposal of the National Disability Council.

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