The Embassies and Consulates assist more than 1,200 Spaniards on their return to Spain in the last hours

The Government of Spain welcomes with great concern the conclusions of the team, which has been able to verify the use on the Syrian population, including an Al Lataminah hospital, of sarin gas in two cases and of chlorine in a third. The report's conclusions are clear and point to the Syrian Arab Air Force as the author of these attacks.

The use of chemical weapons is intolerable, in all circumstances, regardless of their origin and location. For this reason, the Government of Spain wants to express its solidarity with the victims and reiterate its condemnation for the use of chemical weapons, as well as its firm commitment to compliance and universalization of the Convention for the Prohibition of Development, Production, Storage and Use. of Chemical Weapons. The use of chemical weapons cannot go unpunished, the violation of the Convention must have consequences and its authors must answer for their actions.

The Government of Spain wants to thank the OPCW and the research and identification team for their work, transparency and professionalism, even more so in difficult circumstances. The Organization has been key in advancing towards a world free of chemical weapons and has our full support for the fulfillment of this objective.

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