The spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Valencian Courts, Ana Vega, criticizes the decision of the Botanic to decree the curfew in the Valencian Community and accuses him of “Following the same line of restricting rights fundamental than Pedro Sánchez ”.

The curfew comes to recognize the great error that the measures of total closure of leisure entailed
night: The hoteliers were punished and the bottles increased. Now, to end the
large bottles and private parties, the cutting of rights and freedoms occurs. "That is the only recipe
that social-communist governments have ”.
The spokesperson states that “We cannot allow the right to freedom to continue to be violated
circulation of the citizens of the Valencian Community, what the
Conselleria de Sanidad is to do more searches and more tests and not to restrict rights. Plus
antigen testing and less restrict rights”.
The reality is that all these measures are going to ruin our economy and it will cost us years
traced. From VOX “we propose to adapt the budgets to the crisis situation that
we suffer and turn them into emergency budgets alien to any ideology,
eliminating wasteful spending and all the beach bars. And allocate that money to health and the fight
against coronavirus. We have repeated it many times: it is about saving lives, jobs and
families and not governments ”.

On the other hand, experts say that confinements and restrictions are more effective
selective, do not confine the entire population. That brings economic and social ruin to the country.

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