Members of the Manager of VOX in Granada, together with institutional positions and representatives of the VOX Deputy Secretaries in the province, as well as dozens of affiliates and supporters of Granada, attended the public event held in Vistalegre, where our deputy for Granada and deputy spokesman of the VOX Parliamentary Group was also present in the Congress, Macarena Olona.

In ‘Vistalegre III’ it became clear that VOX stands as the only formation capable of agglutinating Spaniards of all kinds to defend the unity and integrity of the Nation.

Spain has an alternative. An alternative to decades of progressive policies. An alternative to the usual corrupted parties. An alternative to separatism and nationalism. An alternative to foreign interference. An alternative to the cultural agenda on the left. An alternative, in short, that brings together the millions of Spaniards who each day defend the unity of the Nation, preserve our roots and protect workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The massive act of ‘Vistalegre III’ shows that VOX is the only formation capable of bringing together Spaniards of all kinds to defend the unity and integrity of the Nation. Because between the operator of the Seat and the multibillion-dollar tertullian of the duopoly chains, we will always be on the side of the worker who rises early every morning to ensure the prosperity of his family despite the efforts of the European Union, with the approval of the Spanish governments , for dismantling our industrial fabric. Because between the farmer, rancher or fisherman and the vain university professor, we will always be on the side of the former to ensure their future against unfair competition with extra-community products that the rest of the parties in the Congress of Deputies validates.

VOX is the alternative that protects all Spaniards without distinction. An alternative that preserves our industry, our field, our SMEs and our traditions. An alternative that values ​​the family as the capital institution of our society. An alternative that enforces the name of Spain in Europe and throughout the world. An alternative that defends our borders. An alternative that restores the bonds of union and brotherhood of the Iberosphere. A patriotic and social alternative for Spain and for the freedoms of all Spaniards.

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