Acting Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has presented in Madrid the 1st National Inter-University League of challenges in Cyberspace (National Cyberleague), organized by the Civil Guard.

"This is a novel initiative with which the Civil Guard once again demonstrates its commitment to the future of our society and its concern for our security, as it has been doing for 175 years," said the minister.

Grande-Marlaska explained that this competition has been designed to locate talent, reward it and encourage the efforts of our university students who, working as a team, will face challenges that will require technical skills, legal skills and communication skills.

The Acting Minister of the Interior has asked to unite efforts to make the whole society aware of the need to promote an "authentic" cybersecurity culture with which to face together the threats and vulnerabilities facing our society in the cybernetic environment

Security and education against cybercrime

The National Cyberleague has the collaboration of relevant companies and will be developed in the university and institutes where Higher Degree Training Cycles are taught, with the aim of promoting a better understanding of the implications of a cyber-incident and the methodologies of resolution .

The competition will take place between the months of September and November. The qualifying phase will be developed in 15 public universities throughout Spain, which will act as open venues, aimed at detecting talent. Two types of participation are considered: individual or team challenges, the latter oriented to the confluence of three academic disciplines: the technological, the legal and the communication.

The invitation to participate extends to students of all universities and centers of Higher Level training cycles.

Each day of the League will have two parts. In the first, experts in this area of ​​the Civil Guard, the university and the collaborating companies will give lectures and workshops, in a format of free access for young people, dedicated mainly to guidance for employment; and the second part of each day will consist of a practical exercise on a multidisciplinary cybernetic challenge that the participants will have to overcome.

This competition will classify the best students. This exercise will offer students a multidisciplinary perspective on how a company or organization should approach a cyber incident: technical involvement, regulatory compliance and, finally, management and dissemination through the media.

The teams that are selected will be summoned to a final phase that will take place in the University Center of the Civil Guard, in Aranjuez (Madrid), next November.

Likewise, and coinciding with the final phase of the League, all participants will be able to attend the 2nd International Cyber ​​Intelligence Conference of the Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid and under the title "Artificial Intelligence as evolution in the generation of Cyber ​​intelligence ", will feature the presence of leading international authorities in the field.


The final winners and also those of each qualifying phase will be able to obtain a series of prizes, consisting of computer and telecommunications products, training grants and internships in companies. To exchange them, the participants will use a special cryptocurrency that the Civil Guard has created for the occasion, the "tricoin". In addition, the individual champion in technical challenge of the League will be invited by the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) to join the national team of young IT security talent competing in the European Cybersecurity Challenge. For their part, the winners in the team category will receive a prize.

Cybercrime is the largest organized crime of the 21st century and represents a growing threat to companies and institutions, as well as to citizens and society as a whole. 80% of cyber attacks part of highly organized networks and bands that share data, tools and experience. Each year, cybercrime becomes more sophisticated and its impact on the global economy grows: in 2014 it cost 445,000 million dollars, while in 2016 its impact rose to some 600,000 million dollars.

Aware of this, the Civil Guard created in 1996 the Telematic Crimes Group and in 2000 the Cyberterrorism Unit. Since then, hundreds of operations have been carried out relating to the different forms of cybercrime.

The official event website is where you can check the bases of participation, make the registration and follow the evolution of the League.

175th Anniversary of the Civil Guard

This activity is part of the commemorative events of the 175th anniversary of the creation of the Civil Guard. With these acts, the Civil Guard wants to transmit to the citizenship the values ​​of public service and the constitutional principles for which the Body has worked, since the day of its foundation.

Encouraging the culture of security in today's society, and continuing to protect the free exercise of rights and freedoms from honor, are the objective and mission of this Institution, guarantor of citizen security.

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