Grande-Marlaska chairs the flag jury at the Academy of the Civil Guard of Baeza (Jaén)

The 125th Promotion consists of 1,707 men and 331 women who, with 16.24% of the students, represent a record of female presence in the history of the Body

The acting Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, presided this Saturday the act of swearing of the 125th Guards Promotion at the Academy of Baeza (Jaén).

Grande-Marlaska, who has also sworn the national teaching, has been accompanied on the spot by the director general of the Civil Guard, Felix Azon; the Government Delegate in Andalusia, Jesús Lucrecio Fernández; the mayor of Baeza, María Dolores Marín; and the mayor of Úbeda, Antonia Olivares, among other authorities.

The Interior Minister congratulated the members of the 125th Civil Guard promotion for their commitment to constitutional values ​​and the defense of citizens' rights and freedoms.

The women and men who integrate the 125th promotion of this Academy are the immediate future of this institution. Your behavior in the service will be essential to maintain, and even improve, the magnificent reputation of the Civil Guard, ”said the acting minister before the students and their families, for whom he also had a few words of recognition for the support given to the new civil guards in their decision to orient their professional life towards the service to the citizenship.

The 125th promotion consists of 2,038 students (1,707 men and 331 women). In the act of this Saturday they have sworn flag a total of 1,294 of its components (1,013 men and 281 women). The rest, when proceeding from the Armed Forces, had already done so previously. The percentage of female access (16.24%) is the highest in the history of the Civil Guard.

Grande-Marlaska has highlighted this increase in female presence, although it is still far from the objective of 50% of female civil guards that the institution is marked as an objective, and has had words of special recognition for these new civil guards and the example that they represent within a society that aspires in an irrevocable way to full equality.

"To you, to the 331 women of this promotion, I want to ask you to be a reference that inspires and serves as a model for many girls so that one day they want to be like you and wear this uniform. Show them that this is a profession that does not impose limits and in which women can and should reach all their aspirations, ”said the acting minister.

Of the opponents that in their day got one of the places offered for access to the scale of capes and guards of the Civil Guard, 1,526 have entered directly through the modality of free access, and 512 did so through the places reserved for professional military and troop personnel who will take a minimum of five years of service.

The average age of civil guard students is 28 years, and 40.78% are university graduates. The majority reside in Andalusia, followed by those from Madrid and the Valencian Community.

In addition to the students, around 200 civilians have proceeded to the renewal or oath of allegiance to the flag.

For more information you can contact the Civil Guard Press Office at 915146010.


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