Grande-Marlaska highlights the “exemplarity” of the winners of the 2019 Civil Guard Awards

The acting Minister of the Interior has chaired this afternoon in Madrid the awards ceremony awarded annually by the Civil Guard to members of the Institution and to media professionals

Grande-Marlaska has defended the “well done” work of the winners as a role model in our society

The “Civil Guard Foundation” prize has been awarded to the More de Uno de Onda Cero program directed and presented by Carlos Alsina

The journalists María Relaño, Miguel Ángel de la Fuente, Ana Belén Terradillos and Marcos Palicio, have received the journalistic awards in their audiovisual, radio and written / digital press categories, respectively

In addition, the Alfonso XIII Legacy Foundation awards have been given to several Civil Guard agents for having carried out various humanitarian services and special assistance.

The Brotherhood of Civil Honorary Prize, which highlights the work of the Civil Guard abroad, has fallen to the Rapid Action Group (GAR)

The Immaculate Civil Guard Langa has obtained the poetry prize of the Civil Guard Magazine for the poem "Verses at nightfall"

The acting Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, presided this evening, at the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Palace, the ceremony of the “Civil Guard 2019” Awards in its different modalities, with which the work of agents of the Corps and professionals of the media.

Grande-Marlaska highlighted in his speech that these awards reward “exemplary” behaviors of Civil Guard agents and journalists who make their daily work an “exceptional” job.
The awards ceremony was held at the Crystal Gallery headquarters of the Palacio de Cibeles (Madrid City Hall headquarters) and has been presented by the journalist Ana Rosa Quintana.
The Interior Minister has congratulated all the winners and thanked him for "inspiring" with his example and attitude to the whole society.
The Minister of State for Security, Ana Botella, has accompanied the minister in this act; and the general director of the Civil Guard, Félix Azón, among other civil and military authorities.
For his part, the Director General of the Civil Guard has stressed that “the awards maintain their essence, which is none other than wanting to highlight and make public our thanks to those components of the Corps that have performed relevant actions, not forgetting who, without belonging to the Benemérita, have contributed to positively reinforce their institutional image ”.

"Civil Guard" Foundation Award

The “Civil Guard Foundation” prize has been awarded to the More de Uno de Onda Cero program, directed and presented by Carlos Alsina, which, as its name indicates, is made up of a great team of professionals, who among other things, usually narrate the work that performs the Civil Guard, both from an operational point of view and also highlighting the human value of its members.

Journalistic Awards

In the WRITTEN / DIGITAL PRESS mode, the winner was Marcos Palicio, editor of the Iberian Press group for the report “From the tricorn of bull hair to surveillance in cyberspace: a century and three quarters with the Civil Guard”, in the that, with the excuse of visiting the exhibition on the occasion of our 175th anniversary, makes a semblance of what these years have meant in the Body, its evolution both in the material and in the human, its constant adaptation to the new challenges of the security, but always maintaining the principles that guided the service of the first civil guards, back in 1844.
In the AUDIOVISUAL modality, the prize went to María Relaño, a journalist for the Spanish Radio and Television news services, and to the Miguel Ángel de la Fuente chamber, for her reports in which they have reflected interesting facets of the work of different specialties of the Civil Guard , such as that of the Criminalistics Service, the units involved in the fight against drug trafficking in the Strait of Gibraltar, the development of counter-terrorism operations, the security deployment constituted on the occasion of the last G-7 summit in Biarritz or daily work of the GAR.
In the modality of RADIO, Ana Belén Terradillos, a journalist for the Cadena SER has been awarded for the reports she made in situ with the Civil Guard deployed in Mauritania for the fight against illegal immigration networks, reflecting audiovisual work they perform day to day together with the Mauritanian authorities; and also of the contingent GAR-Si Mauritania, narrating the start-up of the first operational team formed within the GAR Si Sahel project of the European Union led by the Civil Guard to fight jihadist terrorism and human trafficking networks in that region.

Alfonso XIII Legacy Foundation Awards

The Alfonso XIII Legacy Foundation awards have been granted to several agents of the Civil Guard, for having carried out various humanitarian services of special relevance, including aid and rescue in various situations of special risk of the Commanders of Ceuta, Huesca, Navarra , Valencia and Malaga.

Honorary Civil Guard Brotherhood Awards

This award, which highlights the work of the Civil Guard abroad for the selfless service and benevolent actions, has fallen to the Rapid Action Group (GAR) for its work in the fight against terrorism and police training to provide security that allows the stability and development of countries in a safe environment for citizens.

Poetry Awards "Civil Guard Magazine"

In the poetry contest "CIVIL GUARD REVIEW" the Immaculate Langa civil guard has been awarded for his poem entitled "Verses at Nightfall" published in the Body magazine.


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