Grande-Marlaska opens the academic year at the Academy of Civil Guard Officers in Aranjuez

The Academy of Officers of the Civil Guard trains the students who will become the future officers of the body, with the responsibility of directing and commanding their different units

In this course, 191 3rd, 4th and 5th year students will be trained at the center, belonging to the direct access course, 80 students from the 2nd internal promotion course and seven foreign police students

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, inaugurated this Monday the 2020-2021 academic year at the Academy of Civil Guard Officers in Aranjuez (Madrid).

Grande-Marlaska has been accompanied by the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez; the chief lieutenant general of the Personnel Command, Francisco Díaz Alcantud; the Lieutenant General Director of the Civil Guard University Center, Fernando Santafé, and the Brigadier General Chief of Education, Francisco Espadas, among other authorities.
After visiting the academy facilities, the minister held a meeting with its leaders and toured an exhibition about teaching and training in the Civil Guard.
The Academy of Officers will train this academic year 191 students belonging to the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of direct access, 80 students from the 2nd year of internal promotion and seven students from the police of Chile, Algeria, Peru, Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal .
To all of them, Grande-Marlaska has reminded them that both the Civil Guard and Spanish society expect a lot from them “as future leaders of the corps”, for which he has asked them to put passion in their formative stage and complement it with an appropriate preparation in principles and values.
"Along with the professional training that this academy provides you, it is the values ​​and principles that identify the Civil Guard that will allow you to become women and men of value to the body and to the society you serve," he told them. the minister.
As a consequence of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, and according to the Scenarios Action Plan, this 2020-2021 academic year begins with a system of partial attendance to 50 percent of the students, so that periods are integrated of face-to-face training at the Officers Academy with distance learning periods (online).
The Civil Guard Officers Academy is the body in charge of training the students who will become future Civil Guard officers with the responsibility of directing the different units of the body. Since 2017, the Aranjuez center has been the only training venue for future officers in all its modalities.
There are two models of access and training of officers in the Civil Guard. Internal promotion allows NCOs to obtain officer status if they meet the following requirements: be under 51 years of age, have been on the NCO Scale at the beginning of the course for at least two years, lack disciplinary sanctions for serious or very serious misconduct, be in a situation of active duty or special services and have the conditions of access to undergraduate university studies.
In the direct access modality, students enter the academy after having passed the entrance exam to official university degree courses and according to the qualification obtained, as for any other university career.
Access students take the first two courses at the General Military Academy (Zaragoza) and receive the corresponding education for the university degree through the Defense University Center (CUD). The remaining three years of this training are carried out at the Civil Guard Officer Academy and receive university education through the Civil Guard University Center.
After passing the study plan, the student joins the Civil Guard Officer scale and gets the job of lieutenant. He also obtains a university degree in Security Engineering and, in case of having passed the degree at the end of the fourth year, the master's degree in Operational Security Management at the end of the fifth year. These two degrees are awarded by the Carlos III University of Madrid through the University Center of the Civil Guard.
In both the direct access and internal promotion modalities, the subjects of the study program are related to different areas: military training, training in matters of Security forces and bodies, English language and those corresponding to a university degree that deals with legal foundations , organization, prevention, research and security technologies.
Courses developed with other institutions are included, such as the Judicial Police of the Center for Legal Studies of the Ministry of Justice, or the Legal Medicine, taught by the Complutense University. An important component of the training are the practices that are carried out, highlighting five weeks in territorial units of the Civil Guard.


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