Grande-Marlaska visits the College of Young Guards of the Civil Guard

The Minister of the Interior, accompanied by the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, has toured the facilities and has been interested in the circumstances of the current academic year, marked by the measures to deal with Covid-19

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, visited the Duque de Ahumada College of Young Guards this Friday, located in Valdemoro (Madrid), where he toured its facilities accompanied by the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez.

The Minister of the Interior has held a working meeting with managers and teaching staff of the center, who have informed him about the training activity carried out by the school and the development of the current academic year, affected by the measures adopted to face the Covid- 19.

In the same they have participated, among others, the lieutenant general chief of the Personnel Command, Francisco Díaz Alcantud; the Major General of the Madrid Zone, José Antonio Berrocal; the Chief Brigadier General of the Teaching Headquarters, Eduardo Martínez Viqueira, and Colonel Rafael Morales Morales, director of the Valdemoro Youth Guards College.

This academic year 2020/21, the students of the College of Young Guards have been divided into two groups of 86 applicants each who alternate their face-to-face training with another one in online mode every fortnight, in order to be able to ensure at all times the maintenance of the safety distance established by the anti-Covid-19 protocols.


After meeting with the leaders and the teaching staff of the center, the minister and the general director visited some of the school's premises. In the first place, they have gone to the sports facilities to observe the development of the physical tests that the students must pass.

They then went to the shooting gallery, where they have witnessed the shooting exercises carried out by the student guards, and to another sports area, where a simulation of the operational devices and the exercises of entry into buildings that are part of the the police technical preparation that students receive during the academic year.

The College of Young Guards, founded in 1853, welcomes the children of members of the Civil Guard to prepare them for the opposition in the form of restricted access to the body and give them the necessary training for their incorporation to the Scale of Cabos and Guards. The requirements for this type of entry are the same as the rest of the forms of access to the Civil Guard.

The current 167 Class is made up of 172 students (114 men and 58 women) aged between 19 and 24 years. 25 percent of these students come from the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, 20 percent from Madrid and 9 percent from Castilla La Mancha.


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