Grande-Marlaska visits the facilities of the Cynological Service of the Civil Guard

The general director of the corps, María Gámez, has accompanied the minister during his visit to the center where Civil Guard personnel are trained in training dogs for security and rescue, explosives detectors and drug detectors.

During this year, members of the Cynological Service have participated in more than 2,500 rescues and humanitarian aid and 8,314 services related to drug trafficking, in which almost 1,600,000 kilos of narcotic substances have been intervened

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, accompanied by the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, visited the facilities of the Cynological and Remonta Service (SECIR) of the body on Thursday, the center that trains the civil guards in the training of dogs for safety and rescue, as well as for the detection of explosives and narcotic substances.

The minister and the general director have held an extensive meeting with Colonel Jorge Cumba Simal, head of the SECIR, and other commanders and service members, who then accompanied them on a guided tour of the unit's central facilities in El Pardo (Madrid), during which they were able to witness a small demonstration of SECIR's capabilities.

During this year, the members of SECIR have carried out more than 2,500 rescue and humanitarian aid operations. Likewise, they have participated in 8,314 actions against drug trafficking, in which almost 1,600,000 kilos of narcotic substances have been intervened.

In addition, SECIR components have also carried out more than 18,300 explosives detection services and 145 tobacco detection services, thanks to which almost 10,000 packs have been seized so far this year.


The specific mission of the SECIR is the technical direction and inspection of the Civil Guard units equipped with dogs, as well as the execution of the services in which they participate and the management, administration and support of livestock and utility animals for the service. To this end, its facilities in El Pardo include the Dog Training Center (CADEPE), responsible for specialized teaching aimed at the personnel who will become part of the operating units of the cynological specialty.

Currently, the Civil Guard has 330 dogs, 146 of them for drug detection, 113 for explosives and 71 for security and rescue. The SECIR is extending the specialization of dogs to other fields. CADEPE recently organized the "I Course on Assault and Intervention Dogs for Canine Guides" with the aim of training specialist guides in the training of assault and intervention dogs in high-risk situations caused by terrorist groups or criminal organizations that require the intervention of Civil Guard units specialized in dealing with these crisis situations.


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