28-01-2021 | Cs

The Cs deputy and candidate number 8 for Barcelona, ​​Sonia Sierra points out that 'if Cs governs, it will prioritize social policies against the waste of separatist governments'

"It is a shame that privileges are given to people who boast of going against justice and coexistence." This has been said by the candidate number 2 for Barcelona de Ciudadanos (Cs) to the elections to Parliament, Anna Grau, about the granting of the third degree by the Generalitat to the prisoners of the 'procés', when attending to the media with the Cs deputy and candidate number 8 for Barcelona, ​​Sonia Sierra, after meeting with the Can Mir de Rubí solidarity project. Grau has pointed out that the Government "has had neither the mischief nor the dissimulation to make the decision without noticing that it is an electoral objective", so that the prisoners can campaign, and has remarked that it is a decision "with doubtful moral legitimacy ”.

The orange candidate explained that "Cs only wants the laws and regulations to be complied with" but that "there are decisions that portray themselves." Regarding the visit to the inclusive project of Can Mir, Grau has pointed out that "there are parties that fill their mouths with social concerns and making a homeland, but then they care little about the problems of the people" and has affirmed that, on the contrary, "Cs is after the people."

On the other hand, the Cs deputy and candidate number 8 for Barcelona, ​​Sonia Sierra, has pointed out that "if Cs governs it will prioritize social policies over the waste of separatist governments" and has announced that they will present "a law on people's rights with disabilities and also a sports and physical activity law that prioritizes women's sports and inclusion ”. The orange deputy has also pointed out that "Cs wants a trilingual school, that citizens are equal before the law without giving privileges to politicians who have embezzled money and fight against corruption" and "the best consensus candidate to carry out that project is Carlos Carrizosa ”.

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