01-29-2021 | Cs

The candidate number 2 for Barcelona visits a special employment center together with the deputy in Congress Sara Giménez who assures that Cs is committed to promoting ‘policies that do not leave behind the g

"The Government is at the tail of other autonomies in the management of social affairs." This is what the candidate number 2 for Barcelona de Ciudadanos (Cs) said to the next regional elections, Anna Grau, after visiting Grupo SIFU, a special employment center, accompanied by the also candidate of Cs, Noemí de la Calle and the deputy in Congress, Sara Giménez. Grau has lamented that "despite the fact that in Catalonia there are pioneering people in promoting inclusive and competitive work" this community "is in the queue due to the mismanagement of the Generalitat government."

The candidate of the orange formation recalled that Citizens "makes a difference" in promoting measures in favor of vulnerable groups in the Congress of Deputies. And he has affirmed that his party will continue to do the same in Catalonia, "either Citizens do it, or no one does it here," he added.

On the other hand, the Cs deputy, Sara Giménez, has affirmed that Ciudadanos promotes inclusion models with real measures, and in this sense has highlighted inclusive and competitive work. "A competitive quality service, led by people with disabilities is possible" "We must strengthen the struggles for equality and non-discrimination of all population groups," he added.

For Giménez, the change that Catalonia needs has to come "hand in hand with moderation, working for the general interest and driven by unity and harmony", something that, as he has said, Citizens guarantee

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