Next Monday, December 16, the National Dramatic Center organizes a tribute to William Layton in the María Guerrero Theater, framed in the “Great masters of the scene” cycle. The event will feature Ana Belén, Carlos Hipólito, Carmen Losa and José Carlos Plaza in a round table moderated by Javier Carazo. In addition, the short film «Sanatorium of Footwear» by Irina Kouberskaya will be screened.

Based in our country since the 1960s, William Layton brought from the United States the famous "Method" of actor training, and adapted it to the Spanish idiosyncrasy, thus creating a pedagogy with its own name: "the Layton Method." Founder of projects such as the Teatro Estudio de Madrid (TEM), the Independent Experimental Theater (TEI), the Teatro Castellano and the Instituto de Teatro de Barcelona, ​​from which he contributed to significantly renew the independent theater scene in Spain.

Layton worked at the National Dramatic Center in productions such as Hamlet (1989) and The orestiad (1990), Zoo History (1991) and The merchant of Venice (1992).

The event will take place at the Guerrero Theater from 8pm.

Free entry until complete seats.

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