The Neoelectra Group, the third independent producer of thermal and electric energy at the national level, has recently joined CEOE. The CEOE president, Antonio Garamendi, and the executive director of the Neoelectra Group, Antonio Cortés, have signed the adhesion agreement.

With this alliance, the Neoelectra Group and CEOE will join forces to contribute jointly to the development of the energy and industrial sectors as fundamental vectors in the economic recovery.

The Neoelectra Group will make its knowledge and experience available to CEOE and the member companies as part of its commitment to the development of the Spanish industrial fabric. This commitment responds to the vision of the Neoelectra Group regarding the role of the industry in two fundamental and particularly topical scenarios, such as the energy transition and the circular economy. In addition, it will allow the Neoelectra Group to share its vision with the rest of the member companies for an effective approach to the different challenges faced by the sector.

"With our incorporation to CEOE, we hope to work together to achieve a greater boost to a sector as relevant and strategic as the industrial sector, which also has the potential to create thousands of qualified and stable jobs in the coming years." CEO and executive director of the Neoelectra Group, Antonio Cortés.

Both organizations agree that the promotion of investments in clean energy requires a stable regulatory framework that offers due guarantees in terms of legal security in the medium and long term, an area in which they will focus their efforts from the firm conviction that the promotion of investment and the creation of jobs and wealth – in these very necessary moments – are not at all at odds with the achievement of the energy transition objectives.

About the Neoelectra Group

The Neoelectra Group is a business group specialized in providing efficient energy solutions to the industry. More diversified in services and more specialized in the industrial client, Neoelectra manages cogeneration, biomass and food CO2 recovery assets and offers a wide range of efficient energy solutions (electricity, heat, steam, water, food CO2, back-up services energy…), industrial services and commercialization of energy and gas for industry.

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