Monday September 9, at 10 am, the deadline to request the free guided tours to the theaters of National Dramatic Center (CDN) for the season 2019/2020.

If you want to take your class to know how they are inside Theaters María Guerrerodeclared Well of Cultural Interest in 1996, Y Valle-Inclán, National Architecture Award 2007, located both in Madrid, and its artistic and cultural heritage, you can request an appointment via phone 91 505 88 00 or email

The visits, which are made from Tuesday to Friday in the morning, are reserved for groups of no more than 25 people and have a hour and a half duration approximately. Tours are not made individually or when the representation of works does not allow it. The deadline will be closed when the available places are completed.

On the route through the theaters, a review of its history is carried out and the public area as well as the stage and the technical area of ​​the theater are shown, thus making known all the professions that make a theatrical function possible.

This activity is included in the pedagogical program that aims to bring the world of theater closer to the educational community and is especially recommended for students from 3rd of ESO.

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