06-19-2019 | Cs

The president of the municipal group of Cs presents a claim for Colau to remove the separatist symbols of the city of Barcelona

"We will not stop defending the rights and freedoms of all Catalans." This has been said by the president of the municipal group of Citizens (Cs) in the City of Barcelona, ​​Mari Luz Guilarte, after presenting a claim to the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, to remove the separatist symbols hanging on the facade of the town hall only 48 hours after being invested in the position.

Guilarte has pointed out that the yellow ribbon "is another symbol of the independence movement" whereby "we already went to the Central Electoral Board, who gave the reason for the orange formation, so that it would be withdrawn during the electoral period." He added that Cs "does not rule out any action" to get "to return to respect the rights of all citizens and institutional neutrality."

"We demand that the mayor remove the link because the institutions represent us all and we must stop using the consistory as a showcase of the independence movement," he concluded.

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