25-08-2020 | Cs

The deputy of Citizens defends the request of the liberals for the urgent appearance of Pablo Iglesias before the imputation of the Podemos party for crimes of corruption

"Gentlemen of Podemos, if tomorrow there were a 15M it would be against you", assured the deputy of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs) Guillermo Díaz, who has demanded the appearance of the second vice president "to specify if Pablo Iglesias and Podemos are a fraud". "To come to Congress, he has plenty of reasons," said Díaz.

"Now it turns out that the sewers were Podemos", lamented the Cs deputy. Díaz explained that "everything embedded in the internal life of Podemos becomes the classic within a radical populist party: intrigues, betrayals and possible crimes."

Guillermo Díaz has emphasized how "Podemos was filled with the mouth in the 15M of pointing out the caste and the corrupt" and "addressing the humble people saying that the State has sewers that want to prevent their votes from being worth for Iglesias to govern ”. Therefore, the deputy for Citizens has asked "for Iglesias to come and explain what he is: incompetent or if he is aware of everything that is going on." "To come to Congress, he has plenty of reasons," he remarked.

The GPCs deputy recalled the vote against, by Podemos, the anti-corruption and whistleblower protection law, proposed by Cs. "It would be doing hara-kiri," he blurted out. Likewise, Guillermo Díaz has also addressed the spokesmen of the Socialist Party to whom he has asked if "they are going to continue with this vice president in their government."

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